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FreeCharge Review: India's Best App For Mobile Recharge, Bills Payment, Offers, CashBack & Money Wallet

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Mobile Payment or Cash Wallet generally refer to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a smartphone device. Instead of paying with Cash, Cheque, Credit/Debit Cards, a consumer can use a mobile to pay for a wide range of services and digital or physical goods. Although the concept of using non-coin-based currency systems has a long history, it is only recently that the technology to support such systems has become widely available.

In this post I’m talking about FreeCharge. I’m going to show you What is FreeCharge, How it Works, Features and many more.

What is FreeCharge ?

FreeCharge is mobile wallet app which makes you to pay your bills. You can maake payment through this app very easily. FreeCharge accepted any Mobile Prepaid/Postpaid, Electricity Bills, Gas Connection Bills, Water Bills, DTH Recharge, DataCard Recharge, Shopping Bills, Landline Bills, Pay Merchant, Metro and many more. There are no extra or hidden charges while you make payment.

FreeCharge Features:

1. Make Payment: Pay your Mobile Bills, Utility Bills, Shopping Bills, Metro Payment and Pay to Merchant etc.

2. Send Money: You can easily and instantly send money to your Family, Friends or others.

3. Request Money: You can request money from your Family or Friends. You can select from contact lists and choose them. When they’ll see notification on their mobile, You’ll get money into your FreeCharge Wallet (Remember they must have FreeCharge App).

4. Add Money: Now this is main feature of FreeCharge. Click on ‘Add Money’ (You can see + symbol on app dashboard), Just click on it and add some money into your wallet. Maximum Rs.10,000 can be added into your wallet as per FreeCharge Policy.

5. Split Money: You already know what is Split Money. If you want to split bills, like half payment pay by you and rest of payment pay by you select them from contact lists. This feature use on where you and your friend or family member going to Movie, Party, Restaurant, Café, Shopping or Bills etc.

6. FreeCharge Accepted Here: You can pay with FreeCharge at places like Snapdeal, Haldiram’s, BookMyShow,, Jet Airways, Jugnoo, Runnr, Vishal Mega Mart, Mera Events, Hindustan Petroleum, Café Coffee Day, Zomato, The Beer Café, McDonald, Shuttl, Fun Cinema, Zivame and many more. You can view in ‘More’ menu option.

7. FreeCharge on WhatsApp: Send money to your love ones on WhatsApp. Example: If you want to send Rs.100 to your friend so type 100FC and you’ll see FreeCharge icon on WhatsApp Chat and hit ENTER. You’ll friend will be receive money instantly.

8. FreeCharge Go Card: You can create Digital FreeCharge Card (Debit Card – Your Virtual VISA Card) to pay bills and shopping online where normally VISA verified accepted. You don’t need to carry plastic card every time. Just add some money into wallet and use your digital card to pay any bills. You can create PIN to secure your FC Go Card. Every time you need to enter PIN to view card and if you don’t need anymore or someone know your card details so just block it.

Note: You can only use the cash balance for virtual transactions with your FreeCharge Go Card. Also update your MPIN every month to safe and secure your virtual card.

FreeCharge CashBack: FreeCharge offer lots of CashBack while you making payment. They've lots of offers which gives you cashback upto Rs.5000.

Personal Experience: My experience with FreeCharge is very good and user friendly. I don’t seem any problem or issue while using FreeCharge or make payment. Since 3-4 months using this app and honestly say that FreeCharge is my favorite app to pay all my bills. One day i was trying to pay my mobile bill but suddenly due to some error transaction has been failed but amount was deduct from bank. After spoken with FreeCharge Customer Care, My money was refund credited into bank within 5-7days. I pay my Internet Bills, Mobile Postpaid/Prepaid Bill since 4months and got it some cashback. Pay your bills with FC take upto 48hrs to update payment on merchant or operator. In my case it will take 1hr only.

FreeCharge never cheats with their customer and they're very honestly. Their service and app is very user friendly. Since using FreeCharge i didn't see any single problem or issue while making payment.

Important Note: While you make some payment and if transaction was failed so don't worry. They've automated system for refund money (If transaction failed) and it will initial process your refund. You can contact to customer care for confirmation. They'll reply you within business hours.

FreeCharge Merchant: Yes! If you're Merchant and have any online/offline store so register as merchant. You need to verify your business that you're merchant not individual user. Just fills the details and follow the steps as given instruction on FreeCharge. There is no limitation on receiving money as merchant.

Some Important Points:


  • FreeCharge provide various Offers, CashBack on Mobile Recharge, Bills Payment etc.
  • Pay with FreeCharge Billing will be update within maximum 48hrs on your service operator.
  • If your transaction has been failed so don’t worry. FreeCharge has auto-refund system means your refund will be start initial and credited within 5-7days to bank account. To confirmation, contact to FreeCharge customer care.
  • Many shopping sites have FreeCharge Payment API which means you can get CashBack while you pay with FreeCharge. Example: FoodPanda, Instamojo etc.
  • FreeCharge has FreeCharge Go Card (Virtual Debit Card) which helps you to make payment anytime, anywhere. FC Go Card use only for ecommerce online transactions. You can use only FreeCharge Cash Balance to use your card.
  • You can send money to your Family, Friends on WhatsApp. On WhatsApp type an amount followed by FC.

    Example: 100FC -
    Tap to recharge or send money from menu.
  • You can chat with friends on FreeCharge and send or request for money using Chat&Pay feature.
  • You can maximum add Rs.10000 amount to your FreeCharge Wallet. You can transfer a maximum of Rs.5000 and minimum of Rs.100 to your bank account in a day. In addition, the limit on withdrawal  to your account per month is Rs.25000.
  • Money was added less than 7days cannot be withdrawn to your bank account due to security reasons.
  • You can easily withdrawal money after 7days. Money will be credited within hours.
  • FreeCharge never charge any single penny for withdrawal money to your account. That’s very good in FC.
  • If you have a online/offline store so you upgrade to FreeCharge Merchant. With FC Merchant all limitation will be remove from your account like Money Uploaded, Amount Withdrawal To Bank. But you need to verify your business along with required documents. Only verified business users can use FreeCharge Merchant.
  • Customer Care service is very good. They’ll response you via Email within hour in working time. You can contact on social media like Facebook, Twitter and they’ll reply you instantly in all time. You don’t have to wait.

Last Words:

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TopNotePad Review: Cloud Based Invoicing, Accounting And CRM Solution For Small Business

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Are you running freelancing or small business ? If you are running your own business or a freelancer providing the services to your clients from different geographical location then you must have struggled to manage finance, invoice, and many other related kinds of stuff.

In this article I'll show you TopNotePad Review to solve all these problems.

What is TopNotePad ?

TopNotepad is a cloud-based invoicing, accounting and CRM software that helps you manage your business finances and other aspects of your business like client management like client management, invoice generation, expense tracking, billing and much more etc.

It is a simple and flexible cloud based tool for small businesses. It is their features and hard work that in the very less time, mostly business are now with TopNotePad.

TopNotePad Benefits:
  • Create invoices & send it over to your client in one click.
  • Integrate your favorite payment processor & get paid online.
  • Manage and track inventory. Log all your business expenses.
  • Accounting! Don't Sad...The software takes care of that.
  • Only financial application, which has an inbuilt CRM tool.
TopNotePad Features:
  1. Invoice Billing
  2. Expense Management
  3. Lead Management
  4. Online Accounting
  5. Estimates & Quotations
  6. Free Invoice Template
  7. User Interface
#Invoice Billing: As a Freelancer, you know the importance of invoices, don’t you ? Once you finish a project, you need to send an invoice to the client to get your payment. If you do it indifferently, chances are your payment may get delayed as well. TopNotepad's dedicated invoice creation tool takes away a tense work from you. You can create an invoice within a couple of minutes there. After entering the work and client details, you will be able to generate payment receipts and get it sent to your customers without downloading it. Also, it is possible to set reminders to reach out to a client who hasn’t processed the payment yet. The invoice control panel provides a brief idea of all your invoices. You can export your invoices to Excel formats for your future purposes. And, they are available to be downloaded in PDF too.

#ExpenseManagement: It's well said that if one is keeping a track on their expenses, they can manage their budget brilliantly. TopNotepad is letting you do that very easily. Using this online expense management software, you can manage vendors, create custom expense categories, log and track expenses. You can also create your own custom category, upload receipt and even link to the invoices for better tracking.

#LeadsManagement: Every business needs a tool to manage leads. Managing leads are easy if your business is small, but with time it will grow larger and larger and hence you will get lots of leads which are very hard to maintain without a proper lead management software. The solution to manage huge number of leads is a CRM software, that are known to increase conversion rates, if used properly. So, ultimately if you want to grow your business, you need a lead manager software which is a part of CRM software. Here Lead manager of TopNotepad will do the job and will give you the below options - Leads, Notes, Status and Leads Dashboard.

At leads, you can add your leads, just click on add leads Fill the customer's details, save the details and send an email to your customer who is interested in your product. After this, you can add notes to your lead, you can also set the status of your leads. By default, you have 6 different types of statuses like, Fresh lead, contact, converted etc, and the best part is that you can add your own new statuses. The Final option is Leads dashboard, here you will find a small report about your leads sorted by statuses.

#OnlineAccounting: If you are doing transactions, then surely you will need to maintain your accounts. So, the next feature of TopNotepad is Accounting Manager where you can manage your financial transactions in easy way. At TopNotepad You will get 4 major features of accounting management: P&L Statement, Cash Book, Tax Report and Balance Sheet.

You don't need to know much about accounts, you can easily create Profit & Loss statements, you can maintain Cash Book,  You can track your Tax report and balance sheet easily with do it yourself interface. With this Software you can generate your balance sheet within few minutes.

#Estimates&Quotations: Not all the clients are the same. Some people want a custom quote before starting the work. That’s why you should understand how to create different types of documents. Estimates & Quotations on TopNotepad provide you with all the options plus a unique function to convert a quote into an invoice.

#FreeInvoiceTemplate: This is the fully free Template for generating Invoices on the go, just fill all the details in the form and it will generate your invoice within seconds.

>> Click here to create TopNotePad FREE account now

#UserInterface: The Interface is quite good, it is fully responsive and also supports small display screens. It means you can use this website on your mobile easily. The colour scheme is good and you will see every setting on your screen. The usability is very good, See below screenshot, A quick UI helper is telling you how to use this software. It makes it easier to understand how to use this software in a more efficient way. All reports is generate less than 2minute.

Pricing: TopNotepad is very flexible in pricing and has come up with three kinds of pricing structure where you can get free as well. Depend on your business, you can select the one which suits you the most.

Interview With Ryan Biddulph - Founder of Blog


In this post, I publish my second interview which is i pick up of Ryan Biddulph, Senior Editor at BloggingFromParadise Blog.

Me: First of all, please tell us something about you, Your online portals and how you get into blogging ? And Why ? What is your niche ?

Ryan Biddulph: I am a former security officer turned world traveler who blogs at Blogging From Paradise. 8 years ago I got into blogging to become free from the 9-5 gig. Over the years I decided to blog to follow my fun and to help my readers. My niche is the Blogging Tips Niche.

Me: Second thing, Why did you choose your blog name BloggingFromParadise ?

Ryan: The name sums up my life. For the past 5 years I have blogged from places like Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica. To be authentic I figured it'd be cool to pick a domain based on where I'd been blogging, from tropical paradises all over the world.

Me: Please tell us about moments that you feel are the best and worst you had so far in your blogging journey ? And was there a time when feel you should give up blogging ?

Ryan: The best moment was 8 years ago when I bought my domain and hosting because that's when I started this beautiful journey. I had no really worst moment because I have learned from everything. You only see some situation as terrible when you fail to extract some lesson from it.

I have rarely thought about quitting blogging entirely. Sure I get frustrated sometimes but those moments are few and far between these days because I blog mainly to have fun and to help folks. If I keep following my fun and helping people all day long, it's all good.

Me: How do you manage all your task on daily basis ? Is isn't difficult for you to manage ?

Ryan: I do a few things to manage my time. I write one, 1,500 to 2,000 word blog post for the week. I also write 2-3 guest posts per week. I comment on a few top blogs and do some social media and forum marketing. It's so easy to schedule your day when you focus your energies on doing 3 or 4 things versus trying to do 10 to 20 things every single day.

As for day to day blogging tasks I follow my intuition. Some days I focus heavily on writing. Other days I focus on social media, and so on.

Me: In begging, How you struggle with blogging ? Do you ever feel to quit or giveup blogging ?

Ryan: No, not really. Although early on I felt like I was begging my readers to read my posts, LOL. Overall though I have rarely wanted to quit because I always knew I'd do well in blogging if I created helpful content and connected with leaders.

Me: Please tell us in details about your income story. How & When you make your 1st income through your blog, social media or another way and till now ?

Ryan: I made my first penny through advertising, I believe, many, many years ago. I have made at least one penny since then. :-))

Seriously though, I never really share income because I don't run a MMO blog. I teach people how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, so readers who want proof of that only need to see my selfies from places like Bali and Fiji.

Me: Are you joined Google Adsense ? Till now how much you earn through Adsense ? Could you share with us your Adsense story ?

Ryan: I joined and made a little bit of money. I feel Adsense is not a great way to make big money until you get hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

Scrap the Adsense.

Write an eBook. Brand yourself and make more money in the process.

Some readers may click on your ads to make you a penny or a few bucks but if you sell an eBook you offer something of real value, you'll make 2 or 3 or 9 USD, and you'll also open the door for repeat sales when you release new eBooks for your most loyal readers.

Me: What's your strategy to bring traffics and pageviews ? Do you wanna share with us your strategy or any tips ?

Ryan: Create thorough, in-depth, SEO-optimized blog posts based on addressing your reader's pain points.

Me: What do you know about Affiliate Marketing ? Do you joined any affiliate program ? If yes, so till now how much you earn through affiliate ? What's strategy do you use to bring sales ?

Ryan: Not a big fan of affiliate marketing. Why promote and brand somebody else when you can be branding yourself ? Create your own product. Keep virtually all of your profits.

Me: I saw your blog, BloggingFromParadise.....Are you travel lover ? Could you tell us about your travel journey ?

Ryan: Oh yes I LOVE traveling Ashish!
I've been to: Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cyprus and Turkey so far. I've loved each spot so much.

Me: When you decided to start selling eBooks on Amazon ? Is your eBook on your travel niche or blogging tips niche ?

Ryan: I started selling eBooks in 2014 and I actually cover both niches through my eBooks. Some travel, some blogging tips, and some inspirational eBooks too.

Me: Tell us about your personal life ? What is thing which is motivate you to do more work hard ? How do you manage your personal life and blogging on daily ? Any secret formula ?

Ryan: My wife Kelli and I travel the world while we blog so we make sure to schedule plenty of offline time to enjoy our travels while we circle the globe. Fall in love with what you do, blogging-wise, and you will find a healthy balance between blogging and the offline world.

People who lack that balance are almost always super obsessed with making money through blogging versus mainly blogging to have fun. You gotta be so passionate about blogging that you don't care much about the money, to both build a full time income earning blog WITHOUT giving up your freedom (Offline Stuff, etc) to do it.

Me: Mostly newbie's asked that 'What is instantly way to make money online' ? What do you want to say ?

Ryan: Rob an online bank, LOL!
Seriously, the quickest way to fail is to try to make money fast through blogging.

This is like saying, "What's the quickest way to make money through engineering, when I am a first year engineering student ?"

The engineering student must learn the fundamentals of engineering for years, first through schooling, then in some cases, through an apprenticeship, before they become a pro engineer who gets paid.

Blogging is no different.

You may make pennies or a few dollars through blogging as a newbie but you're not going to make thousands and tens of thousands of dollars - or more - until you pay your online tuition by learning, studying, implementing, testing and tweaking, and this almost always takes years to do, for most bloggers.

Me: What is behind your success blogging journey ?

Ryan: I genuinely have fun doing what I do, blogging-wise. I blog mainly for fun, so the reward is not the paycheck, or even the lifestyle, because the fun is the reward. Most bloggers struggle because they need to *Get* something (Traffic, Money, Fame, etc) to feel successful. For me, the fun is the being, or doing, so that's my reward and the money and traveling lifestyle are all extra/bonuses to me.

That's the ultimate secret to my success and it's something I've learned from billionaires like Richard Branson, by studying him from afar.

Me: Do you ever think that blogging as good for career and also stable income platform ?

Ryan: Oh yes, most definitely. Fabulous way to build a freeing lifestyle while making some nice coin.

Me: Which is your favorite Pro Blogger in the world ? ShoutMeLoud, BloggingCage, SmartPassiveIncome or any other ?

Ryan: I love Harsh, Kulwant and Pat and learn so much from them.

Zac Johnson is one of my favorites too. He is such a nice guy and so generous and he's also from my home state of New Jersey so we have a nice connection there.

Me: What are resources do you use for your WordPress Blog ?

Ryan: Not too many really; a few plug ins like Yoast for SEO and Jetpack, and my developer Phillip Dews built my custom-made Paradise Reloaded theme.

Me: Do you ever use Event Blogging or Webinar ? Share with us ?

Ryan: I have not but you just gave me an awesome idea.

Me: Are you running any blogging course coaching ?

Ryan: Yes I am Ashish.

I offer the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course (Plus a free audio course with it titled "10 Common Blogging Questions Answered by an Island Hopping Pro Blogger")

I also offer coaching services for people who need help with their blogs.

Me: Last Question, For newbie’s, most of them struggle when it comes about bringing traffic to their blogs. Please share some tips that they can use to build some traffic on their blogs and at the same time, what kind of mistakes they should avoid committing ?

Ryan: For building traffic you want to write blog posts which address your reader's pain points. Ask your readers what they're struggling with and publish posts with solutions.

Write 3 to 5 paragraph comments on relevant, authority blogs from your niche to build friendships with successful bloggers.

Guest post on authority, popular blogs.

Most of all, write, write and write some more. Write 1,000 words daily - in a Word document, for practice - to gain confidence in your writing, to find your voice and to drive more traffic to your blog.

Ryan: Thanks so much for asking me Ashish.
Me: Thanks to you for giving us your valuable time. Its very nice conversations. :-))

Contact him Facebook, Twitter and visit his blog BloggingFromParadise.

Prisma App Review: Best App To Transform Your Photo Into Artwork

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Ever wanted to turn a photo into a painting ? There are plenty of apps and Photoshop filters that can do the job for you, but with most, the effect is pretty limited and the result can look rather feeble. There's an app called Prisma that steps things up to the next level, in a super-easy to use interface that you really have to try out.

Update: Prisma app is now available on Android version. Previously app had available for iOS only. Now this app is for both version (iOS and Android).

Prisma: The hottest app of the season, has finally arrived on Android. Prisma, which landed on Google Play Store earlier this week, has already gained a lot of popularity around the world. Users are modifying their pictures with the app's artistic filters and sharing them on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you are the kind of person who likes sharing a lot of pictures on social media, Prisma is definitely something you'd love.

Prisma is pretty easy to use. For those who are used to photo editing and sharing apps, getting started with Prisma shouldn't be a problem at all. Once the app is launched, users can either click a picture with their phone's camera, or select an existing picture saved on the smartphone. The picture is then cropped with a 1:1 aspect ratio, and users can apply one of Prisma's many artistic filters to the image.

There's one thing though. Applying a filter on images takes a lot of time, which might be an issue for some users. But the results are totally worth the wait. In our testing, Prisma worked just like any other photo editing app. Its artistic filters make it stand out from a crowd of similar photo editing apps, and are unlike anything we've seen before.

Currently, Prisma offers around 20 art filters to choose from including The Scream by Edvard Munch and Go for Baroque by Roy Lichtenstein. However, reports suggest that more filters will be added to the app soon, giving users more choice.


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Also, i found the direct social sharing button to be another plus. Usually, image editing apps require the modified pictures to be saved to the device before they can be shared. This is where Prisma has an advantage, as it lets users share photos on Instagram the moment they are done editing.

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Download App (Android/iOS):

Download Prisma Android App

Download Prisma iOS App